Yellow card betting is one of the most common forms of football betting at bookmakers today. However, if you usually play in the traditional way, you might not be familiar with this type of bet. The following article will help you understand specifically what this type of bet is and the most accurate way to place it.

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What is the Total Bookings?
Yellow card betting, also known as Total Bookings, is referred to as the yellow card bet or the red card bet. Choosing this type means predicting the number of yellow and red cards that will be given in a match.
Regardless of the outcome of the match for either team, it doesn't affect the outcome of this bet.
Many people prefer this type of bet because it's easy to predict and can be based on the fiery nature of the match, player temperament, head-to-head history, the lineup for that match, tactics, and so on. It introduces many factors outside of the match result that make betting diverse and exciting.
Compared to betting on goals, many consider this bet more profitable and easier to make money from. In a match, you can predict yellow and red cards in the first half, second half, or by the end of the match, depending on what each bookmaker offers.
Overall, the simplicity of placing the bet and the attractive rewards are the biggest appeals of this betting type. The simplest tip for playing this type of bet is to choose matches that are less decisive and fair play, as they tend to have fewer cards.
During intense and decisive matches, the number of cards can significantly increase. Additionally, there are other strategies that you can rely on to predict the number of cards more accurately.

The most popular types of Total Bookings in football betting
Yellow card betting isn’t just about counting yellow and red cards in a match to win rewards; you also need to consider the bookmaker's odds and bets. This betting form is currently divided into handicap betting and Asian over/under betting with different ways of calculating bets.

The Total Bookings betting in Asian handicap betting today.
This Total Bookings handicap is quite similar to the Asian Handicap. According to the betting rules, in this bet, there is also a team holding the upper hand and the lower hand. The way bookmakers offer this bet allows you to compare the number of cards between the two teams quite similarly to the total goal bet of the match.
In calculating this corner card bet, you base it on the overall result of the corner card bet, which will be rewarded immediately after the official 90 minutes of the match. Currently, this corner card bet is divided into the first half and the full match, specifically as follows:
The bet includes yellow cards, red cards for the whole match, and the first half.
The handicap ratio given by the bookmaker may change throughout the match. You can see this on the bookmaker's odds board.
Both yellow and red cards are counted only during the match and within the scope of the field.
You'll understand that a yellow card equals 1 point, a red card equals 2 points.
You understand that the full match corner card bet is called FT, while the first half is HT.

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Total Bookings in football betting over/under betting.
According to the general regulations of bookmakers, the over/under bet is also known as O/U. Bookmakers will provide predicted numbers for the total number of cards the referee will give in the match for both teams.
At this point, you only need to bet on whether the actual number of cards in the match will be higher or lower than that number, specifically:
Over: You understand that the bet shows that the actual total number of cards will be higher.
Under: You understand that the bet shows the actual total number of cards will be lower than the number provided by the bookmaker.
You can bet on the result for the first half or for the whole match. The bookmaker may reward after the first half ends or only after the referee blows the whistle declaring the official 90 minutes of the match.
There are various different corner card bets that players can bet on.
Apart from the two popular bets mentioned above, you can also bet on other equally appealing types such as:
Predicting the first card for which team or the last card for which team.
You can predict the color of the first yellow or red card.
You can predict the color of the last card.
You can predict whether the number of cards received by each team is odd or even.
You can predict at which minute of the match a card will appear.
You can predict which player will receive a card, etc.
The odds for these bets provided by different bookmakers for the same match may vary. Additionally, within the same match, at different times, these odds also change continuously
depending on the match situation.

The most effective expert experience in Total Bookings.
For you to increase your chances of winning in this bet, you should consider these valuable experiences:
Deeper research into the players' characteristics of both teams: Players with aggressive traits, playing rough, are more likely to receive cards in the match.
Refer to the history of receiving cards in previous matches; if a player has already received a yellow card, they might be more cautious in this match.
Assess whether the nature of the match is important or not: Knockout matches versus friendly matches, the intensity will differ. The more crucial the match, the higher the potential for the number of cards.
Further investigate the playing history of both teams: If both teams play clean, fair football, the number of cards received in the match will be minimal.
Thoroughly understand the coach's tactics: The team's offensive or defensive lineup, their rhythm, playing styles like fast counter-attacks or pressing, etc.
Find out which referee is officiating the match: A crucial factor; if it's a strict referee, the number of cards in the match will likely be higher than usual.
Predicting the outcome concerning the card aspect of a match has many variables. Therefore, it's unpredictable in this betting. If you feel that the number of cards in the match is not as expected, it's better to withdraw the bet for a safer outcome.

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The above article encompasses the detailed guide on placing accurate Total Bookings, almost like a textbook in football betting. This betting type will heighten your emotions during moments of fouls or clashes in the match.